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Run From The Cure

On September 10, 2007, a trial was held at the Supreme Court of Canada when a man named Rick Simpson was charged for possessing and trafficking marijuana. This happened in midst of an increase in the number of cancer victims in Canada. The film, Run From the Cure centers around Rick Simpson and his fight to help other cancer victims using medical marijuana.

Rick Simpson was a person who discovered that hemp oil is beneficial for health problems after suffering a serious head injury in 1997. Because of its high THC content, hemp oil has the ability to cure cancers and other diseases. When the news broke out that he was sharing hemp oil to others free of charge, law enforcement stepped in and arrested him disregarding the fact that many people were cured for his good will.

The film featured testimonials from people who were prevented from being able to testify for Rick during his trial and the controversial issue surrounding medical marijuana.

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