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Rise of the Superbugs

Habitual and widespread use of antibiotics is resulting in the emergence of deadly superbugs, bacteria that do not respond to antibiotics. Rise Of The Superbugs is a 2005 documentary that features a world where antibiotics no longer work, a grim place where humankind is dominated by drug-resistant superbugs that kill millions. According to the scientists, the possibility of a world dominated by superbugs is imminent and we must take action.

Rise Of The Superbugs feature several hotspots across the world where antibiotics are misused and abused. The film also highlight horrific cases of people who contracted viruses that cannot be controlled. Presented by Four Corners reporter Geoff Thompson, the Rise of the Superbug reveals how the Australian health officials are making decisions that may pave the way for a deadly superbug to infect millions in the far north of Australia.

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