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Pedigree Dogs Exposed

“Pedigree Dogs Exposed” is an investigative documentary film directed and produced by Jemima Harrison. BBC first released this eye opening film in 2008 as it aimed to uncover facts about the increase of genetic diseases among pedigree dogs in the UK. It proves the speculations about inbreeding among pedigree dogs and the effects on their health all because the looks of pets are given more importance in shows rather than their health.

In fact, even dogs with poor health have gone on to win “best in breed” categories. One of the dogs featured in the program is a King Charles spaniel who won several prizes in contests but is currently suffering from syringomyelia, which is a health condition where the brain of a dog is bigger than its brain. Other stories are about boxers who are suffering from epilepsy and bulldogs that are unable to mate or give birth without assistance.

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