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Multiple Personalities

For lack of better understanding, people in the past thought that evil spirits were possessing people who acted strangely. Those who became frighteningly violent were taken to priests and spirit doctors for treatment. Fortunately, doctors began to perform extensive research in order to learn about the psychological disorder of hysteria.

“Multiple Personalities” is a 1999 documentary film about the research performed in 1920. It focuses on the story of a woman who is diagnosed to suffer from multiple personalities and believes that she has different identities. One person is a male that does not like wearing clothes for women while the other is a young child. This psychological problem is now known as multiple personality disorder.

This film was made to give the viewers a better understanding of this disorder and to know what specific reasons could cause a person to suffer from it. More importantly, experts try to find a solution to cure or at least make things easier for the patients.

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