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Mother Saves Son From Cancer by Choosing Cannabis Over Chemotherapy

In 2012, doctors decided that the 3-year-old boy named Landon Riddle should start receiving aggressive chemotherapy and radiation for leukemia. After lengthy treatments that resulted in incessant vomiting, severe nerve damage and deteriorating health, the boy’s mother have had enough.

Sierra couldn’t bear to watch his son’s ravaged body go through rounds of chemotherapy put her foot down and explored alternative ways to treat his son’s disease.

A year after the ordeal, Sierra by CNN. She shared her own as well as her son’s harrowing experience before and during chemotherapy. Landon was taking a cocktail of dangerous drugs including take Ativan, Promethazine, and liquid morphine to manage the pain. She turned to medical marijuana to help treat his son’s leukemia. Initially they lived in Utah so they moved to Colorado Springs as using marijuana, which was legalized in the state of Colorado. They began giving Landon liquid forms of Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and Cannabidiol (CBD).

In less than a month, Sierra saw remarkable improvements in Landon’s health. His son regained his energy and slowly recovered from the aggressive radiation and chemotherapy treatments his young body has undergone for months at a time. Landon’s cancer is now on remission thanks to medical marijuana. Unfortunately, many people who believe in conventional medicine have questioned her decision. In fact, a certain doctor in Colorado already reported Sierra to the Human Services because she opted to stop the chemo treatment of her son.

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