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Montana Meth

Montana has been ranked the second in terms of both adult and teenage meth abuse in the United States. This HBO documentary film directed by Eames Yates shows everyone the real gravity and severity of the meth problem in Montana.

It follows the stories of real people who have their own stories and experiences with the drug. We have Crystal, a 22 year-old girl whose life has been completely destroyed because of her addiction; Graham, a 16 year-old dropout who was a former straight-A student and athlete and Rhianna, a 21 year-old who has resorted to trading in sex for meth. We get to hear the haunting truth about meth addiction and how it could destroy someone’s life.

Through the number of interviews with various influential and prominent people in the area, we get to find out and delve further into the reason why meth, among all other drugs available, is the most abused this area.

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