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Living Forever: The Longevity Revolution

For centuries now people have been continually obsessing over the delay of the human aging process. From the earliest civilizations to the present times, the question still remains: Is there a way for us to stop the natural ticking of the human clock? The concept of immortality has been talked about it many generations and through time, has developed different identities. It has its mythical interpretations in the form of vampires and the Fountain of Youth, and it also has its various religious counterparts.

Living Forever: The Longevity Revolution is an interesting documentary film attempts to look further into the concept of immortality from different viewpoints. We get to follow the renowned gerontologist Michael Rose as he takes the lead on this exploratory journey. We get to venture further into the different scientific fields and cutting-edge technology that serve as means of extending human life such as stem cell research, genetic research, biotechnology, therapeutic cloning and many more. What used to be the stuff of human imagination has now become a reality – and we all get to have an exclusive first look.

This film not only tackles the scientific aspect of this phenomenon, it also expands its scope by looking into the more superstitious and occult aspects of extending human life.

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