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Killer Fog

In December 1952, London was affected by one of the biggest air-pollution events in their recorded history. This day was known as The Great Smog of ’52, Big Smoke or Killer Fog. The deadly combination of anticyclone plus the cold and windless weather led to the collection of airborne pollutants. These airborne pollutants, which were mostly from the use of coal, grew to form a thick and menacing layer of smog all over the city which lasted for 9 days.

During that period, it caused major disruptions in the daily activities of the city and its inhabitants due to the lack of visibility. The pollution was so severe that it was able to penetrate the indoor areas such as homes, offices and the like. In the weeks following that event, government medical reports estimated that a number of people died prematurely while there were 100,000 who became ill because of respiratory tract issues which were caused by the smog. Current research findings suggest that the total number of fatalities due to that event reached 12,000.

Killer Fog is a documentary that takes us through what is known to be the worst air-pollution event in the entire history of the United Kingdom. With this film, we also get to witness as several connected environmental issues are addressed and certain environmental concerns are raised.

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