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Isolation Chambers: Healing for the Mind and Soul

The modern world offers various forms of helping individuals cope with daily challenges or release stress. These include options such as entertainment like the television, movies, bars, or amusement parks. Others turn to professional help like therapists and physicians. However, do these choices really help relax the body and calm the mind?

The sensory deprivation tank (also called the isolation chamber) is an innovative approach for mind and body relaxation and is considered as the future of psychotherapy. The tank works by shutting off any external sensory stimuli that would otherwise stress a patient and the result is ultimate relaxation.

The tank is filled with water that has the same temperature as the surface of human skin. Cupious amount of salt is dissolved in the water to make the liquid dense enough for a person to float easily on their backs allowing the participant to breathe freely. The patient goes into the tank nude and the balanced temperature gives the patient a feeling that he is suspended mid-air. There is an absence of light and sound in order to avoid any external sensory stimuli making the participant fully relaxed and concentrated in the environment.

The immersion in the tank takes the participant into an altered state of consciousness and every succeeding session makes the person better at reaching the internal psyche. This allows the person to block off the physical world and get in touch with his or her internal source of energy and awareness. The participant experiences something like never before and gains clarity about every aspect of his life giving the person a better way of thinking about things or finding solutions to problems.

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