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I’m A Child Anorexic

Anorexia nervosa, or most commonly called only as anorexia, is a well-known eating disorder. This disorder is mainly characterized by excessive food restrictions and extreme dieting, inappropriate and unhealthy eating habits, the irrational and strong fear of gaining weight and obsessive behaviour with regards to having a thin figure. It is common in females, but there are also a number of report cases of males who are diagnosed with anorexia.

Through the years, the number of cases of people getting diagnosed with anorexia is continually and shockingly increasing. And it has moved on to affecting a younger age group. There are thousands of reported cases of young girls between the ages of 11 to 16 years old who are already diagnosed with this eating disorder. Some of them are able to overcome it but there are those who live their lives, continually struggling and battling anorexia.

I’m A Child Anorexic is a riveting and eye-opening documentary film by BBC that shows us the cold truth about the magnitude of the effects of anorexia. In the film, we follow two young girls: Natasha who’s 12 years old, and Naomi who’s 13. And both girls have been continuing to struggle with anorexia. Shot over a period of four months, we get to see the girls’ progress and journey as they go through treatment at Rhodes Farm, one of the leading residential clinics that treat children diagnosed with this eating disorder.

This BBC special presentation takes us to a journey that would help open our eyes and raise awareness regarding this eating disorder. We would all get to see what it’s like for young girls who are suffering from this problem and what causes such a horrible thing to happen in the first place.

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