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If You Still Drink Monster, Get Ready To Never Want Another

A federal way man got more than just extra energy when he drank a can of Monster Energy drink only to find a dead mouse at the bottom of the can. Vitaliy Sulzhik claims that he has forensic test to make his case. In an interview featured by K5 news, Vitaliy relates his horrific experience and discovery of the dead mouse soon after he finished his drink. Together with his attorney, Vitaliy took the dead mouse for lab testing at MDE Laboratories for testing and confirmed there were no signs that the creature was forced through the narrow opening of the aluminum container.

Vitaliy is suing the Monster Drink maker but the latter has yet to comment on the issue. To this day, Vitaliy refused to drink anything from a can and is adamant on pursuing the case he filed against the Monster Drink company.

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