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House of Numbers

It has been decades since HIV and AIDS were discovered but despite billions of dollars spent on research, no cure has been found. Those that have spent years studying HIV and AIDS have been trying to find link between the two. Is HIV the same as AIDS? Are they different or are they really one and the same?

In “House of Numbers”, respected filmmaker Brent Leung goes on a worldwide journey to learn everything there is about the disease. He tries to uncover the truth about the notion that HIV is just like other common viruses and it cannot cause AIDS.

In order to gather an impartial perspective, Leung got in touch with the scholars, doctors, those who are inflicted with AIDS, and the people who lost their loved ones to the disease.

The film featured one patient named Christine Maggiore. Maggiore vehemently denies the connection between AIDS and HIV.

As the film was being shot, Christine was already diagnosed with HIV but she declined to take anti-retroviral medication because she felt that it would only make her feel more ill. She and her HIV-positive daughter seem and feel they are healthy, and they believed HIV does not lead to AIDS. However, Christine and her daughter died months before the film was released.

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