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Homeopathy: The Test

For over two centuries, many people have turned to an unconventional medical treatment known as Homeopathy to cure a myriad of medical conditions. Homeopathy is based on the principle of fighting fire with fire. Small quantities of specific substances that produce the same symptoms are used to heal certain diseases. One such example is how symptoms of hay fever can be relieved with the help of onions that cause teary and itchy eyes.

Today, several distinguished people including celebrities and athletes around the world are turning to Homeopathy to cure various ailments. In “Homeopathy: The Test”, Horizon aims to prove to major skeptic James Randi that this alternative medicine indeed works. Randi has offered one million dollars to anyone who can provide conclusive evidence that homeopathy works. Doing so will not only help them earn money, they will also make experts change the existing principles in the field of medicine.

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