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Holding the Sun

Holding the Sun follows is a chronicling of a family from Canada who has been given the burden to cope and bear with schizophrenia-afflicted son. For the Millar family, it was a relatively typical morning on May 30, 1997. Ruth Millar was writing a message for her husband concerning their son, Aaron Millar’s increasingly worsening schizophrenia. Although Aaron had been acting a little more abnormal than usual Aaron would not allow his mother to show compassion for him – had had completely changed from warm and loving to stranger – she did not deem it to be harmful behaviour as Aaron yet existed in his own reality. Nothing could have prepared them for what happened next. Their family ties and bonds were literally split apart when inconspicuously walked up to her back and pierced a sword through her heart.

Following the death of Ruth, Ramsay Millar, Ruth’s husband of 28 years, cannot stress enough the importance and necessity of seeking education concerning the sickness – a priority that should be set even above money-making. Christine Millar, the older sister of Aaron, also expresses the difficulty she bears to carry out the responsibility of caring for her brother. Further stating that maintain a careful balance of compassion and anger is extra difficult bearing in mind what his brother had done to their mother. The documentary film follows the Millars, from the beginning of the issue to their attempt for seeking a cure for Aaron.

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