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HIV = AIDS, Fact or Fraud?

“HIV = AIDS, Fact or Fraud?” gives an in-depth look at HIV/AIDS. The film, which was created in partnership with respected scientists, physicians, humanitarians and journalists, aims to spread awareness about an incurable disease which has killed millions worldwide.

HIV = AIDS, Fact or Fraud? Also explores the definition and origins of HIV/AIDS and find out the definitive link between HIV and AIDS. The film exposes organizations that are spreading misleading or downright wrong information about the disease in order to gain more profits. The film puts together a series of testimonials from experts such as Dr. Peter Duesberg who was the first person to map the genetic structure of retroviruses, Dr. David Rasnickm who is an expert of protease inhibitors and two Nobel Prize winners, Dr. Walter Gilbert and Dr. Kary Mullis.

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