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Hempster – Plant the Seed

“Hempsters: Plant the Seed” is an eye-opening documentary film that tackles the controversial battle of seven activists who are pushing for the legalization of industrial hemp in the US. Hemp is the common name for high-growing genus of Cannabis. Proponents of hemp claim that it can produce refined hemp oil, seed foods, wax, resin, cloth, rope, paper, and even fuel.

Over 30 countries are now using hemp due to its numerous environmental benefits. Maximizing hemp products can reduce the use of oil, be a more efficient source of energy, save flora and fauna, and save soil. Experts say over 25,000 things can be produced with industrial hemp and that it is the answer to the growing environmental problems.

Directed by filmmaker Michael Henning, “Hempster: Plant the Seed” was first released in 2010. It contains stories of celebrities such as actor Woody Harrelson and musician Merle Haggard. The film also features political activists Ralph Nader and Julia Butterfly Hill. Witness how Lakota “Tospaye” leader Alex White Plume started industrial hemp and his family during the 1950’s. See the interesting yet temper-raising legal battles people had to face for planting hemp seeds for their personal benefit.

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