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Health: Body Builders

Can modern science help us to grow fresh organs in a lab? Health: Body Builders gives a fascinating look at our relentless pursuit towards perfecting tissue engineering, growing body parts and unlocking the riddles behind some of the deadliest diseases known to man.

Health: Body Builders, which is hosted by correspondent, Matara Krinsky, interviews Dr. Anthony Atala and walks viewers through organ building, custom body part engineering, and even animal cloning.

The film highlights the many organ-farming laboratories that’s cropping up in various parts of the country, and all the marvelous feats we have accomplished using modern technology and rapidly advancing field in tissue engineering. Health: Body Builders features the stories of patients who have undergone organ transplants, how their own cells are used to grow fresh organs from the lab and having to take cocktails of drugs used to suppress their immune systems and prevent organ rejection.

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