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Gulf War Syndrome: Killing Our Own

“Gulf War Syndrome: Killing Our Own” is a documentary that provides an eye-opening look into the ill effects of chemical toxins used in the Gulf War. The issue, which was raised during the Vietnam War, caused sickness to a number of US veterans. Ex-soldiers fell victim to various types of cancer and neurological problems due to the exposure to toxic substances produced by the defoliant Agent Orange.

Filmmaker Dr. Gary Null gives the viewers an in-depth look at the truth behind the Gulf War Syndrome and the bio-warfare used by the U.S. government. One specific weapon used by the U.S. troops is the radioactive depleted uranium which has enough power to pierce armored vehicles. The film also details how experimental vaccines were already used on the soldiers even if they posed health risks. Moreover, viewers will get to have a better understanding of the chemical residue left behind because of the Gulf war.

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