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Grass: The History Of Marijuana

”Grass” is a full-length documentary film that details the history of the war waged by the American government against marijuana during the 20th century. The film was first televised in 1999 and is written by Solomon Vesta and directed by filmmaker Ron Mann. The film contains informative footage about notable personalities including actors Woody Harrelson and Chevy Chase, former president George Bush, and former assistant prohibition commissioner in the Bureau of Prohibition Harry Anslinger.

Viewers will get to see how the government and several large corporations deliberately misinformed the public about marijuana. For years, authorities were spreading the word about the harmful effects of cannabis without highlighting its medical benefits. Grass aims to educate the public about common misconception about cannabis and spread awareness about its health benefits.

The film also feature moments in history when marijuana was declared illegal in the United States as well as the numerous anti-marijuana campaigns launched by the government when several social groups questioned the validity of their claims. Finally, Grass offers information about how the anti-communism approach influenced the American government as China was considered to be one of the primary suppliers of marijuana.

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