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Fast Food Baby

Who doesn’t love a little junk food every now and then? It is definitely one of our guiltiest pleasures; indulging into fatty, high in sodium, sugar and downright unhealthy food items. And that’s fine, as long as we don’t do it on a regular basis and we make sure to maintain regular activity and exercise. But then there are a number of us who can’t. Junk food addiction is a real thing and it is affecting millions of adults worldwide.

And as if that isn’t bad enough, this junk food addiction has began spreading to younger age groups. There are actually parents out there who feed their babies and toddlers junk food. And it’s not the occasional bag of chips, either. It includes burgers, sweets, soda and all in excessive amounts. So instead of getting the nutritious and vitamin rich meals that these growing children need, they are given these empty and unhealthy junk food.

Fast Food Baby is an eye-opening documentary that follows three families, all who are practicing feeding babies with fast food. We all get to explore further the reasons that these parents may have to resort to such, and we also get to identify the different factors that come into play. Everyone would get to have an exclusive look as these parents each meet with food experts that would help them correct their bad practice.

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