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Brian Deer and The GMC

“Selective Hearing: Brian Deer and the GMC” is an investigative documentary following the case of an expose made against Dr. Andrew Wakefield and his associates. Brian Deer is an established journalist for Murdoch’s Sunday Times and was the sole person to file a complaint against the doctors at the Royal Free hospital in London after they diagnosed children with Inflammatory Bowel Diseases even after parents claimed that the situation occurred after MMR vaccination were given to children.

In 2004, Deer published an exposé that consisted of half-truths and falsified facts saying that the children treated at Royal Free were actually not sick. This led to more than 80 charges against Dr. Wakefiled and his associates who were tried by the General Medical Council (GMC) where the hearings lasted for three years.

Most people were afraid to go against Brian Deer as the government and large pharmaceutical companies supported him. However, Welshman Alan Golding stuck to his principles and used his independence as a director in creating this film. He got himself fully involved during the three-year period when the hearings were going on in order to help bring out the truth about Brian Deer.

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