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Between Life And Death

“Between Life and Death” is a BBC documentary first released in 2010 and directed by respected filmmaker Nick Holt. It follows the stories of three patients The film took 6 months to make and begins by telling the story of Richard who was thrown off 60 yards away from his motorbike, paralyzing him. He was taken to the Neurointensive Care Unit at Addenbrooke’s Hospital in Cambridge Because of his doctors’ tireless efforts, Nick was able to awaken from his 30-day stupor.

The Neurointensive Care Unit at Addenbrooke’s Hospital in Cambridge is one of the most advanced medical facilities in the world. There, they are able to create miracles by helping patients wake up from a state of coma. Their hospital is known around the world for being able to extend the lives of people especially those who were involved in life-threatening accidents.

As for the second patient, Samantha, she was an 18-year old girl who survived a huge car crash but left her completely paralyzed. When she gained consciousness in the hospital, she chose to die instead of going through life like a vegetable. Another story covers Beckii who has been in a coma for five months already. She showed a glimpse of consciousness when she suddenly stroked her son’s hair. However, the doctors are still trying to determine whether it was done consciously or otherwise.

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