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Ayahuasca: Ancient Plant Medicine

“Ayahuasca: Ancient Plant Medicine” is a documentary film that discusses the origin and healing power of the Ayahuasca vine. Originating from the Amazons, the name ayahuasca is a combination of two Quechua words. The first word is aya, which means spirit, and the other is huasca, which means vine. This is why many call ayahuasca as the vine of the soul.

This potent drink is used by shamans during spiritual ceremonies for healing. But perhaps the deeper use of ayahuasca is to induce an altered states of consciousness, allowing patients to see things that are not visible through ordinary states of consciousness. This makes it easier to identify the main source that is causing trouble for the patient.

In order to reach the full potential of the medicine, patients were advised to follow the traditional diet for ayahuasca. This means the elimination of sugar, salt, spicy food, oil, fats, alcohol, duck, pork, and sex. Following this diet removes all the negative energies and toxins found in the body.

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