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Anthrax War

Anthrax War is a 2009 documentary that features the threat of horrific biological weapons being used to attack entire nations. This groundbreaking feature-length documentary alleges that just weeks after the attack on the World Trade Twin Tower, the US was confronted with threats of biological terrorism. Several government and media offices received Anthrax-laced letters in Washington and New York, causing worldwide panic. More than five people died from the attack and several people infected with Anthrax.

Anthrax War gives a compelling look at how biological weapons can be used to pressure entire nations, how the deadly attack of invisible biohazards, which is almost impossible to trace, can cost hundreds of lives within seconds. Anthrax War also takes viewers into different bio-defense labs across the United States, including testing groups in the American southwest and top-secret military installation from the former Soviet Union where anthrax escaped some 30 years ago.

The film also features an African doctor known simply as “Doctor Death” and his associates. His group allegedly experimented with anthrax and other designer germs during the Apartheid era, suggesting that the 2001 anthrax germs used to attack New York and Washington were developed from their very lab.

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