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Andy Morgan: A Story

Depression and suicide are two of the most common afflictions of our generation. The number of lives we have lost to these two culprits are ridiculously and scarily high. And the sad thing is, these numbers aren’t going down. As time goes by, it keeps on growing and growing.

There are currently a number of organizations and support groups that are working to stop this crisis. They aim to spread hope and awareness as far as they can in order to put a stop to these deaths. Aside from that, they spread the message that they are there and ready to listen and understand. The people behind these organizations know first-hand how it be depressed or have a loved one that was depressed or committed suicide as a result of depression. That’s why these people work hard to try and prevent history from continually repeating itself.

Among these organizations is The Andy Morgan Foundation, which was set up in 2011. This organization was inspired by the story of Andy Morgan, a father of three who decided to take his own life on New Year’s Eve. Andy Morgan: A Story is a documentary film that shows the life story of this man and his depression, and his family who decided to turn his tragic end into something good and beautiful by trying to help out other people who suffered the same way Andy Morgan did.

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