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40 Year Old Child: A New Case

In 40 Year Old Child: A New Case, The Learning Channel (TLC) returns to the Billing, Montana-based Williams family, to revisit their daughter Gabby and be updated with here strange medical condition. Gabby is an eight-year old girl that is inflicted with a literally age-defying curious medical condition. Over the years, it has become the challenge of the Williams family, as well as a number of others families, to bear the burden of facing and dealing with a disorder that involves the impediment of the general growth and development of infants, in addition to chances of them becoming unable to walk, eat, talk, see, and hear… for the entirety of their lives.

For Gabby Williams, even at the age of eight, she still weighs a minimalist weight of 11 lbs. and requires care comparable to that of a toddler, require constant feeding, bathing, and even diaper-changing. This exceedingly rare condition has perplexed many scientific figures across the globe that they are yet to officially name the condition.

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