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Thrive (2011)

“Thrive” is a fascinating documentary film released in 2011. The film aims to uncover the mysteries of the cosmos by learning about all the components of the universe. It gives the viewers a chance to understand why some people are wealthy while the others are suffering in poverty. This video aims to provide hope to everyone that there is a way to have better lives in the future.

“Thrive” begins by showing all the incredible elements of the planet and the people inhabiting it. The film then shifts as scenes of how the environment and people are suffering, giving a grim view of how people from certain parts of the world live in poverty and in fear. Multi-talented filmmaker, writer, and producer Foster Gamble serves as the narrator for the film. He takes the viewers on an eye-opening journey by detailing facts and insights about things like physics, archaeology, astronomy, and various conspiracy theories.

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