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The Indigo Evolution

“The Indigo Evolution” is a 2006 full-length documentary James Twyman. Are indigos real? The film takes viewers to the concept of people whose sensory perception has shifted from the normal five to come multisensory entities. The term “indigo” refers to the color aura seen in certain people who have extraordinary abilities of some kind. These individuals, commonly labeled as suffering from ADD, ADHD and other behavioral or learning disabilities, are believed to posses incredible abilities that go beyond the natural evolution of humans.

The film, which was broadcasted in over 350 churches, wellness and spiritual centers across the globe, centers on the fanciful notions of select people who embrace new-age metaphysical belief and determine the existence of these individuals. More importantly, where are these remarkable people and how do we help them spread the law of peace and compassion?

The Indigo Evolution highlights the lives of gifted children referred to as “indigos.” Described as creative, eccentric and highly independent, these children possess an amazing level of intuition and integrity, are said to have healing abilities and excel in art and science. Indigos, who are wise beyond their years, are extremely sensitive in emotional, physical and spiritual stimuli and easily experiences sensory overload.

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