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Ancient Knowledge

“Ancient Knowledge” is a documentary series that uncovers the truth about life and the universe. Most discoveries made by our modern scientists and archeologists are challenged by the various pieces of evidence presented in this video. In reality, we know only a fraction about our ancient history. The film details how limited our own knowledge of ancient structures as well as facts about reality and consciousness, and everything else about the universe.

Ancient Knowledge the documentary will also introduce one of the biggest conspiracy theory in the history of mankind. It will explain why and how this vital information is being kept from the public all despite its importance. The documentary shares the knowledge that the Ancients about life, the universe, the unseen forces that control life and the universe, mathematics, the human mind, and more.

In various parts of the world, evidence of ancient civilization is found. From the pyramids of Giza to the Stonehenge in Britain, forgotten artworks and relics tell a tale of mysterious forces that are at play in these eras. Unfortunately, modern man misunderstood the information the Ancients tried to convey to us.

Despite all the advancements in technology, present-day scientists are still baffled about several facts related to the universe. For one, scientists are yet to understand what holds the universe as a whole. The film claims that sound frequencies and the unseen forces are some of the possible answer to these questions.

The documentary lays down the mysterious symmetry of nature by presenting several factors such as the Fibonacci Sequence, Phi in Nature, DNA and its structure, Golden Ratio, and the Fingerprint of God. While all seemed like a big coincidence at first. Further observations will suggest that there might be an intelligent consciousness that is behind all this.

The film promises to answer some of the most thought-provoking questions related to the origin of the universe, debunk age-old myths as well as give rise to radical and interesting possibilities about the secret that the universe hold.

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