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Worse Than War

Daniel Goldenhagen is known by some Harvard alumni as the former associate professor of political science and social studies. But to the rest of the world, he is known as the author of a number of books that have stirred controversy among the public; Hitler’s Willing Executioners published in 1996 and A Moral Reckoning published later in 2002. Both of his works have gained quite the spotlight because of the subject area that these books are discussing, which is also one of huge controversy, the Holocaust.

Almost a decade later, he publishes his next work, Worse Than War, which was later cinematically adapted. In this documentary film, we get to witness Goldenhagen as he paints his own picture of what Nazism is really all about. We get to discover the events of the Holocaust through his eyes and those people that he has interviewed. This film allows us to bear witness as Goldenhagen travels to Cambodia, Guatemala, Kenya, Rwanda and the USSR collecting interviews from politicians, victims, witnesses, humanitarian organization officers, journalists, diplomats, historians and many more.

Worse Than War is a documentary masterpiece that gives us an in depth knowledge and information on the truth about genocide and how they were able to stop it.

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