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What is Reality?

In a world where mystery lies in every corner, there exists an even deeper layer of weirdness and enigma. This world envelopes us and exists right under our noses, yet we do not bear the capacity to readily be aware of it. It is a world that has proven to be very much incapable of being perceived by our archaic senses. It is in this world that we find the answer to the many questions that seek to rationalize the absolute sense of reality. Truly this enigma is one of the greatest stories shrouded in mystery.

Fortunately, we are not completely directionless in this quest for knowledge. For the clues we seek actually lie in the very foundation of our physical being, the atom. As far as we can fathom from black holes to all the corners that astronomy can hope to quantify, there is reason to believe that we may all actually be celestial projections channelled from one far corner of the universe or that we co-exist amidst countless other universes.

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