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What is One Degree?

Comedian-turned physicist Ben Miller re-invokes his profession by trade in order to explain what one degree of temperature is. Get to know Ben Miller in his adventure as we travel with him to the boundaries of the amazing world of modern science. Follow him as he establishes the extremes of temperatures in the entirety of existence: the hottest and coldest, as he meets up with top investigators attempting to figure out the enigma at hand. Journey with him to a quantum physics laboratory, home to research about super-cooled liquids that permeate through solid glass – one of the most peculiar effects and principles in the field of quantum physics. Witness as he also mounts, on his very home, a Met office weather device. It is through these endeavors in this intimate and lovingly-crafted film, can we see the essentiality of being able to precisely and accurately quantify things in current times.

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