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Vietnam: The Ten Thousand Day War

Vietnam: The Ten Thousand Day War, is a Canadian television follow-up to the many documentaries covering the Vietnam War. In was on 1890 when the documentary was initially produced by a certain Michael Maclear. Made to originally span over 26-episodes, the American version was compressed into 13 hour-long episodes. The documentary was also released in a number of different forms of publication including on the videocassette format by Embassy where it won the National Education Association award for Best in Documentary. This was accomplished with the use of many archival footage from various sources (both from the VC and the US forces) in addition to interviews from various personalities including soldiers, and envoys, Vietnam actually bears a characteristic journalistic feel with a hint of fairness. The film would argue of the high degrees of easiness towards the war’s true purpose if it were possible to directly accuse people in power.

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