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Vietnam in HD

Owing much to the success of “WWII in HD,” “Vietnam in HD” is the History Channel’s follow up to the well-established success that the Allied and Axis powers started. In addition to professional voice work and dramatization by high fidelity actors, defining characteristics inherent to the HD series have been incorporated such as footage shot directly by soldiers themselves. In addition, various sources of footage have been utilized: both public and private. All of footage of which subjected to thorough cleaning and restoration, attempting to fit the modern standards of high definition media. The miniseries comes in six parts and portrays the unrelenting and grim reality that the heroes of Vietnam had tackled. Needless to say, it is very difficult for any single documentary to cover every single detail of the Vietnam War owing much to the diversity and generally poor initial quality of stock footage dating back to that era. With this said, “Vietnam in HD” merely attempts to strike where it generally matters the most: to serve as an intimate monument to the heroes of the war. 13 men and women of various fields including soldiers, medical practitioners, and media men (both at battlefield and home) were chosen to narrate their respective anecdotes as the war escalated in their perspective.

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