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Vice Guide to Congo

Enter one of the most economically-challenged countries of the world, The Democratic Republic of Congo. Ravaged by years of intricate political corruption and internal insurgencies, it is consequently one of the least media-covered places across the globe. And if this wasn’t bad enough, it conveniently seems to also be a concentrated location (80%) of one of the most vital minerals in all of existence, Coltan… A mineral so important that it has actually been used to fuel the many bloody skirmishes that has plagued Congo since the nineteen-nineties. Imagine how backwards the world would be without the modern computers and/or mobile phones that are so seemingly intertwined to our daily lives that we probably can’t live without them anymore. This is exactly what would happen if the supplies from Congo were cut. Follow Suroosh Alvi, founder of Vice, as he risks his life and travels to the Democratic Republic of Congo to give full video-coverage of a first-hand account of one of the rebel groups involved in the seemingly never-ending war for the monopoly of the gravely sought after mineral that is Coltan.

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