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Vice Guide to Belfast

Before the existence of the Belfast Agreement (also known as the 1998 Good Friday Agreement), Northern Ireland was immersed in chaos. It was the development in the peace movement of Northern Ireland that resulted in the formation of the existing government in the country. It created a number of institutions that governed the relationships within Northern Ireland, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, and both parts of Ireland with England, Scotland, and Wales.

In the “Vice Guide to Belfast”, Gerry and Alistair present a documentary about the current situation in Ireland as the country enjoys peace. The hosts come from opposing sides during the time when the country was ravaged by war, violence, and fear. No longer were they torn by the choice between joining the Republic or the Great Britain.

The documentary re-tells the story of how the Irish Republican Army and the Ulster Volunteer Force brought fear to several people. It features how 30 years of war led to almost 4000 deaths. Fortunately, it came to a stop in 1998 when representatives from the paramilitary groups and other political parties formed the Agreement, which also states that weapons must be disposed, and that prisoners from the IRA and UVF should be released.

However, despite all peace development in the country, many are still opposed to the Belfast Agreement and its effects. Some believe that peace was never achieved and it is only the politicians who are really reaping the benefits of the Agreement.

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