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This World: Cuba

This BBC documentary follows journalist and adventurer Simon Reeve as he ventures off to Cuba to try and find a communist country amidst the ongoing capitalist revolution.

Cuba announced a number of the most drastic economic reforms that the country has seen in years. Cutting a million of the public-sector jobs and putting an end to state rationing were just a few of the large-scale roll backs that this communist country has done two years ago.

This World: Cuba follows Simon Reeve as he tries to go to Cuba and see what’s really happening in this country. He is able to meet a number of ordinary Cuban citizens whose lives have been changed. This 60 minute documentary gives us a front-seat ride as Reeve tries to ask the people of Cuba whether they think this economic change could possibly lead to political liberalisation. Will Cuba still be able to maintain the many positive aspects of their former economic system?

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