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The War You Don’t See

The Australian-British, London-based journalist and documentary filmmaker John Pilger is known for his daring critical views on the British, Australian and American foreign policies. He has openly criticized these policies accusing them to be driven by imperialist agendas. He is also a strong critic of the many practices of the mainstream media. He is associated with various British publications including the Daily Mirror and the New Statesman magazine. Pilger has won not only once, but twice, the prestigious Britain’s Journalist of the Year Award in recognition and respect for his fine talent in journalism. Aside from that, his documentaries have gained awards and recognition not only in Britain but all around the world as well.

Among his list of critically acclaimed documentary films is The War You Don’t See. Pilger wrote, produced and directed this film along with his friend Alan Lowery. In this film we get to see both Pilger and Lowery pose a challenge to the media regarding their role during the Israeli/Palestinian, Afghan and Iraqi conflicts. This film is a careful dissection and at the same time an expose of the media’s role in warfare, going back to the annals of history leading as far back as World War One, the invasions of Vietnam and the bombing of Hiroshima. This documentary film features a handful of big names such as Julian Assange (Editor in Chief, WikiLeaks), David Manion (Editor in Chief, ITV News), Bryan Whitman (US Assist. Secretary of Defense), Fran Unsworth (BBC Head of Newsgathering) and many more.

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