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The Vice Guide To Travel: Liberia

The Vice Guide To Travel: Liberia is a 2006 travel-style documentary film by a small crew of journalists who travelled to various parts of Liberia. The film starts at meeting their guide, a local journalist. They traveled to the country’s West Point slum, which is home to some 80,000 people living in deplorable conditions. The film explores the slum, revealing the lack of sewage system and piles of garbage that surround the area.

The film features a disturbing look at the country’s two main source commerce, drugs and prostitution. Most West Point slum residents admit to snorting cocaine and shoot up heroin, proof of the widespread drug problem within the area.

The Vice Guide To Travel: Liberia also takes viewers to a local brothel where prostitutes retell sordid stories of UN soldiers having sex with child prostitutes and beat older women. One of the highlights of the documentary is the meeting between the film crew and the major warlords of Liberia’s civil wars. In Liberian militias, it’s tradition to create the most flamboyant noms de guerre. The warlords often chose names from notable personalities; hence, the film’s subjects chose names like General Rambo or General Bin Laden. One of the warlords named General Butt Naked, claims to have killed more than 20,000 people including children and babies and cannibalized a few of his victims.

The Vice Guide To Travel gives a compelling view of the inner turmoil behind one of the most unstable country in the world, shedding light on the struggles of its citizens at the midst of poverty, wars and corruption.

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