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The Story of One

Former Monty Python’s Flying Circus member Terry Jones takes us in an absurdly funny adventure chronicling the story of the number one, the simplest number of all of mathematics.

Fully utilizing the comic styling of Terry Jones, the film is an excellent balance between manageable teaching mechanics and entertainment. Information is kept to a carefully adequate amount without delving too much into what may seem like boring deep stuff, all the while a vivid, joyous, colorful style of presentation is maintained in an effort to keep the audience’s attention glued on the film throughout its entirety. The eye-catching visuals and comedic vignettes all contribute to the entertainment worth of the film without sacrificing on the quality of insightful information.

The film’s striking balance of entertaining and educational can be attributed to the clever usage of computer-generated imagery (CGI) which allows for the vivid recounting of the many milestones of number evolution throughout history from the invention of the zero to the usage of Roman numerals, as well as the current modern number system.

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