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Ing Somme: Rahasia Tunnel Wars

The Somme battlefield is considered as one of the biggest secrets of the First World War. This series of underground tunnels was centered in the village of La Boisselle, Picardy, Prancis. These tunnels were originally constructed by the British troops from 1914 kanggo 1916. More than a hundred soldiers have died in these tunnels.

Saiki, after over a hundred years, archaeologists will attempt to examine the wonders of this historical, underground wonder. Ing Somme: Secret Tunnel Wars is a documentary film that follows the efforts of historian Peter Barton and a team of highly qualified archaeologists as they find their way around these secret tunnels. We get to discover the untold stories that were hidden within the walls of the Somme tunnels. Examining the history and the truth of the events that led to the Battle of the Somme; Barton and his team attempts to discover what no other historian or archaeologist have.

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