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The Secret Micro Universe: The Cell

Through the years BBC has never failed to give us quality documentaries that are not only educational, but are also entertaining for the entire family. BBC is at it again with their new documentary offering that would surely be another family favorite.

The cell or the “building blocks of life”, according to biology, is the basic biological, functional and structural unit of all living organisms out there. Aside from that, cells are considered to be the smallest unit of life. They have the capacity to perform independent replication. It consists of hundreds and thousands of other process and interactions with millions of other organisms in our body that tackling each one wouldn’t fit in one documentary.

In The Secret Micro Universe: The Cell, we get to witness the interesting story behind a viral infection. We get to see the inner workings of the cell; the membranes that serve as its very own security system, the intricate dynamic that serves as the transportation of various important cargos to and from the cell, and the magnificent powerhouse that pumps up this entire cellular system.

This documentary also features the works and contributions by the University College of London’s Dr. Nick Lane and Professor Steve Jones, Princeton University’s Professor Bonnie Bassler and Cambridge University’s Susanna Bidgood.

This cinematic masterpiece will definitely make you grow hungry for more.

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