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The Mystery of Empty Space

The Mystery of Empty Space is a 43-minute documentary which offers a compelling look what lies beyond our three dimensional existence, based on the lectures of Kim Griest. Griest is a physicist from the University of California in San Diego, he has been performing numerous studies about vacuum energy (also known as Dark Matter), and he believes that over 95% of the universe is composed of this. He is also a proponent of gravitational lensing. This is the technique used in finding invisible objects such as dark matter and black holes.

In this video, Kim Griest discusses his findings and principles about empty space and our current understanding of the three-dimensional existence. He takes the audience on a journey as he provides various facts that can support his belief that three-dimensional existence is what occupies in empty space. He also shares the possibility that the reality we seen and believe in may actually be controlled by other dimensions.

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