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The Most Dangerous Man In America

The Most Dangerous Man in America is a retelling of the story involving a disavowed agent of the Pentagon, and his radical efforts to challenge a Presidency muddied with imperialistic ideals. Armed mostly with just classified documents, he had hope to win the people over as well as some of the president’s staff to be sympathetic towards the agenda of ending the Vietnam War. Daniel Ellsberg is the name of the man, and it was in 1971, when he took his country by great surprise by smuggling a highly-classified document from the Pentagon to the New York Times. The document was said to have divulged how five Presidents had acted against the people through the obscuration of the truth about the Vietnam War and the fact that it was indeed a horrible respite of death for both opposing parties, and therefore, through an extension, a relay of cancerous yields for America.

It was Henry Kissinger of President Nixon’s National Security Advisor (NSA) who labelled Ellsberg as the most dangerous man in America (at that time). He was therefore top priority to defeat. Ellsberg, however, regardless of the fact that a sentence of 115 years imprisonment under espionage and conspiracy charges awaited him, was relentless and carried on with his work which lead to the ultimate downfall of President Nixon after the exposure of the clandestine goals of his Imperialistic agenda. Ellsberg display of perseverance against unrelenting odds, was not only a stern example of victory of the little man against a large power, nor merely was it a victory for American people, it was a call for all American people to become less dronish when it concerned political agenda – learning to question the motives of people in power. This singular event is one of the most significant political revolutions in all of American history.

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