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The Miracle of Bali: Recital Of Music

In 1969, BBC released a three-part documentary series entitled “The Miracle of Bali”. Narrated by David Attenborough, each episode was dedicated to highlight the exotic culture of Bali. Lasting for 37 minutes, the third episode was the “Recital of Music” which focused on the artistic music and traditional dance of a Balinese village in Peliatan.

The video relates these to the beautiful and intricate designs of Balinese painting. It presents recitals by four bands that use customary musical instruments such as bamboo shakers, bamboo xylophones, jaw harps, and metallophones. Locals performed authentic Balinese dances such as the Kecak or the monkey dance, Baris, or the warrior dance, and the Tumulilingan Mengisap Sari of the bumble sips honey.

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