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The Life of Birds: To Fly or Not to Fly

“The Life of Birds” is a 10-part documentary series about the evolution and psyche of birds. In the first episode entitled “To Fly or Not To Fly”, viewers are taken 150 million years back in history to discover how birds first took flight. CGI-effects are used to portray small and fast-running dinosaurs that grew feathers and learned to fly.

BBC first showed the film on TV on October 21, 1998 and it began with Attenborough going to Mexico where he observed how bats were being outmaneuvered by a red-tailed hawk. It features different birds in the past such as the Pterosaurs, which are known as the ancestors of the present-day birds. When they turned extinct, various birds such as the Archaeopteryx (the first to grow feathers) were already roaming the skies. Another magnificent creature known as the terror bird whose kind became the top of the food chain when the dinosaurs disappeared because of their size and ability to fly. Attenborough also visited New Zealand where he studied how birds without the ability to fly are able to survive in certain environments.

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