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The Greatest Raid of All

The St. Nazaire Raid or also known as Operation Chariot is one of Britain’s successfully amphibious attacks on the heavily defended dry dock of St. Nazaire – Normandie. This was located in the German-occupied area of France at the time of the Second World War. This operation was done by the British Commandos and the Royal Navy under the sponsorship of the Combined Operations Headquarters. The reason why St. Nazaire was targeted was because its dry dock was the haven for the large warships of the German army that were in need of repair. Once St. Nazaire was taken, this would force the German ships to return to their home.

The Greatest Raid of All is a documentary film by BBC directed by Richard Pearson. In this documentary film, we follow Jeremy Clarkson as he goes through history and the events of the St. Nazaire Raid. With exclusive interviews with some of the ex-servicemen, we get to discover how they carried out the attack that day and how they were later captured and became prisoners of war.

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