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The First World War

Unlike World War II, World War I is not given enough attention by the modern society. In fact, the discussion of this epic war in universities and schools is not as detailed as World War II. However, this important moment in history is what leads to the significant events that commenced the Second World War. It is also the reason why some of the current conflicts worldwide is happening today.

“The First World War” shares a deeper insight on important events that transpired during such tumultuous era. It explains how the great war led to the early days of soviet communism in Russia and their relationship to the other nations. The documentary also discusses how the defeat of Germany paved the way for fascism, which eventually gave power to Hitler. This of course led to World War II and the fall of Germany. As for the Ottoman Empire, their defeat lit the fire for the reconstitution of Israel and giving the Middle East the reputation it has today.

The information used for this series came from the books and knowledge of Professor Hugh Strachan where every minute detail of the war is discussed. It includes never before released facts about the war giving light to what started and ended World War I.

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