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The Elephant: Life after Death

Elephants boast an average lifespan of roughly 65 – 75 years, slightly longer than that of the average human. This visually-arresting and unrelenting film explores the ramifications of a simple yet inevitable death of one of the biggest terrestrial animals in existence. It attempts to relay the events that unfold after the death and degradation of the 4.5 ton mammal into about 6 million calories worth of protein, fat and minerals that allow for the survival and balance of the numbers of many other population of animals in the ecosystem.

This documentary film allows for both the casual audiences and the scientifically-inclined to garner the opportunity to witness, throughout the entirety of a day, as animals of different aspects of the animal kingdom ranging from the predatory tigers, hyenas, and leopards to the scavenging mosquitoes, beetles, and vultures quickly degrade the largest terrestrial animal on earth to ivory. Simon Watt, leader of a team of Biology experts, guide you through such a cascade of events in Tsavo West National Park, Kenya as it unfolds.

With modern surveillance tools at their disposal such as the long-distance cameras and night vision goggles, in addition to the expert guiding hand of animal behavioural scientist, Warren Samuels, the team is able to effectively chronicle the naturally beautiful life cycling processes of Mother Nature.

Simon Thomsett, raptor expert, is an enthusiast of the behaviour of vultures, and shares to us his insight about this topic. Alayne Cotterill, at the same time, tells an uncommon tale of an uncommon sight of leopards partaking on the decaying remains; likewise, Dino Martins, master of insects, is stunned as maggots, flies and swarming creatures, envelope the body of the elephant, attracting other predators in their wake. The revelatory documentary reveals the large implications of a relatively mundane activity – death.

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