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The Devil Came On Horseback

The Devil Came On Horseback is a documentary film covering the Darfur Conflict in Sudan which remains active to date. The documentary focuses on the perspective of an American witness who, having had experienced the atrocities of the war first hand, has ever since appealed to the United States and its citizens to stop the devastation it is causing in the Middle East. Employing the use of various photographs from diverse sources as well as a direct re-accounting of the events from the viewpoint of Captain Brian Steidle, former U.S. Marine, the audience is taken into a grim adventure that reveals the harsh realities of the war in Darfur, Sudan, where the systematic termination of black African citizens has been mandated by an Arab government. Witness as we see the evolution of Captain Steadle from war fighter to moral defender as the documentary chronicles his story from his resignation due to the frustration brought by the sluggish response of the international community, to his ultimate return to his country to expose the injustice in Darfur – an effort to right the wrong that was bestowed upon it.

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